The Science of Seeing the Invisible

Adding Diversity to the C-Suite and Board through Predictive Unbiased Talent Assessment

The Opportunity is Now

Social and regulatory forces have caused the corporate world to recognize bias and commit to equity hiring

True diversity at the C-Suite and Board level is being embraced as a benefit to all

Organizations are committing to measurable results

The Challenge

There is not a sufficient pipeline of experienced diversity candidates to meet the demand.

Talent managers do not have unbiased, cost effective, predictive tools to assess potential C-Suite and Board talent.

The Solution

Re-focus hiring on competencies and the likelihood of success, which will result in a larger pipeline of equity deserving candidates who have not done it before but can and will.

Build a predictive SaaS assessment solution that is efficient, affordable, unbiased and based on existing science that will predict success.

Build the pipeline of equity deserving candidates.